Hey Stomach, mind if I dance with your date?
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My Bloody Valentine Burger


I might be biased, but I’m pretty sure burgers are an aphrodisiac.  Then again, what do I know? For me, sexy food is: adventurous, exotic, rare, and flavor vibrant. This seasoned lamb heart tartare, with an ocean-fresh sardine aioli, earthy beet chips, creamy quail egg, trout roe, and herb salad, meet all of the above credentials. Cupid might be an “ass man,” but I aim for the heart.

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Burger pervert and donut enthusiast. When I'm not delving into the dark arts of hamburgery, I work as a creative gun and food pornographer for hire. Hang with me on Twitter and Instagram @MathewRamsey

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  3. So hungry now!

    Cupid is totally an “Ass Man!”


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